Packaging design expertise:

We are able to provide complete packaging design services for our customers. We utilize state of the art CAD/CAM design software and our automated sample-making table to accomplish innovative, cost-effective packaging solutions.

Warehousing/JIT deliveries:
We tailor our services to meet the customer's specific needs. When usage patterns warrant, this may include the warehousing of corrugated packaging items that a customer uses on a frequent basis. This program offers a customer the opportunity to purchase larger quantities of product at a lower unit price, warehousing the product with Michiana Corrugated, and receiving split-deliveries, as the corrugated items are needed.

Vendor managed inventory control:
When warranted, Michiana Corrugated offers a vendor-managed inventory control program, wherein our account representative actively monitors your corrugated inventory levels. The customer has the comfort of knowing they are not overstocked with corrugated products, yet an appropriate amount is on site in order to meet their specific usage requirements.

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